The Supreme Religious Authority recommends to the fighters to observe humanitarian and Islamic standards in their behaviours, differentiating between the aggressor and the citizen that has nothing to do with it.

The Supreme Religious Authority, which had always stood at the same distance with all Iraqis of all sects, perseveres to focus on the sensitive points that may be exploited by the tendentious media and bribed satellite channels, by directing its attention that the war on terrorism should not be mixed up with other things that may harm the civilians, which often accompanies the military operations in all over the world. Thus, the religious authority has recommended the need to be careful and take into account the human side in every move towards the liberalization of the usurped cities and villages, and to achieve a brilliant victory on the enemies of mankind.

This was an important point clearly highlighted by the religious authority in numerous occasions, most recently on the second sermon of Friday's prayer of the 11th of the month of Ramadan 1437 AH corresponding to the 17th June, 2016 held in the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) and led by the representative of the supreme religious authority; Sheikh Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbala'i stated in this sermon:

"It is essential for our hero fighters, who are drawing the epics of heroism and sacrifice in the pages of the modern history of Iraq, to pay attention on the goal of their fight; which saving the citizens in the areas controlled by the ISIL's gangs, and to consider them as their brothers and sisters, that they came to make them get rid of these gangs that adopt deceiver ideology by permitting to kill those who do not have the same ideology, which is showed by their brutal practices that does not have any relationship with Islam and humanity, a brutality that Iraq's history never witnessed. So be careful to not let their goal be revenge or assault, but in order to achieve this task according to the legitimate, moral and human criteria, there must be these two points:

  • 1- Demonstrate the highest degree of mental discipline in their actions and combat, to not be controlled by their sorrow for losing a dear one who was martyred in the fighting, or the suffering of the injured or emotion to commit a contravention of these regulations, such as killing a wounded or bombing a suspected house or rob the money of the families of the fighters or seize funds of the innocent citizens.
  • 2- Taking into account the humanitarian and Islamic standards in their behaviours with everyone, as it is a must to differentiate between the aggressor and the citizen who has nothing to do about it. The goal of the fighting is to protect the national, humanitarian and cultural identity of the Iraqi people that these gangs tried to erase. This commandment is emphasized with the elderly, women and children. Then we pay attention to this image showed in lot of TV channels, as it is so great and beautiful to see some members of our armed forces and our fighters, carrying an old man on their backs to make them reach a safer place, or feeding a little one, or reassuring a worried woman or treating a sick person or preparing shelter for them."
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