The works on the Al-Kafeel garage continues and the executing company confirms that the project is carried out in accordance with the international standards.

The Engineer Hameed Majeed Al-Sa'egh; the managing director of the Ard Al-Qods Company for constructions, one of the companies contributing to the implementation of the Al-Kafeel garage project of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, has announced: "The work on the projects is conducted in escalating pace within the technical and engineering plans agreed upon with the department of engineering projects at the holy shrine -the direct supervisor of the execution of the project-, which are international characteristics. The project will be a milestone not only in the province of Karbala but in all Iraq, because of the magnitude of the high technology and specifications that are similar to those in the world in alignment with its objectives."

Mr. Al-Sa'egh has added: "The works are going in several parallel lines, according to each of the five sections of the project without intersection with their works, and according to the work schedule set by the executing companies, namely our company and Al-Kafeel Company for public investment. The stages that have been completed are the gas station located in the section A with a capacity of one million and seventy three thousand litres of fuel (benzene and gas) by 29 reservoirs with a capacity of 37 thousand litres each. The gas station includes also the administration building and private control rooms for the station."

It is to note that Al-Kafeel garage is the first specialist garage built in Iraq according to the high-quality international standards, and it is constructed on an area of 72125 m2 with a construction area of 42000 m2, divided in five complexes that are:

1- The administrative complex.

2- The petrol station.

3- Workshops' complex for the repair of light vehicles.

4- Workshops' complex for the repair of heavy vehicles.

5- Parking complex for both light and heavy vehicles.
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