The representation of the Department of rites and Hussayni processions opens a pavilion of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) for MRI.

The work of the Department of rites and Hussayni processions at the two holy shrines is not limited to organize the Hussayni processions, but it also includes other activities and contributions according to the geographical area of each of its representations. As these representations had contributions in sheltering the displaced and giving them assistance. As well as their position by equipping the fighters and the volunteers with the necessary supplies in all their operations' sectors, it has also trained the volunteering citizens to hold weapons and sending them to the showdown against the ISIL terrorist gangs. Thus, its work was comprehensive and inclusive to be crowned this time by a humanitarian project of health for a large segment of the society from the people of Rifa'i city in Nasiriyah province.

After that they Iraqi Ministry of Health has assigned a MRI device for the hospital of Rifa'i, it did not find a proper place because it needs a special department and its own building, but because of the scarcity or the lack of the financial resources, which were an obstacle to set up this medical device, the youth of the representation of the Hussayni rites in coordination with the department of rites and Hussayni processions at the two holy shrines have volunteered to establish this project in the best way.

A high-level delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine along with academics, religious and culture figures and tribes' chefs from inside and outside the Nasiryah province, have shared the joys of the Rifa'i city for this new project, which is small n size but has great importance as it provides an importance medical service.

The head of the Unit of Hussayni rituals in the province of Shi Qar, Sheikh Haydar Abd Al-Saheb Awdah Al-Hadi has explained in the speech during the opening ceremony the important of the volunteer work in all social, health, environmental, educational and military and all other fields, as we all have the sense of responsibility towards those around us.

Dr. Ahmad Al-Haydari, the representative of Rifa'i hospital has explained that after many correspondence of the officials of the province of Shi Qar to the Ministry of Health, we have obtained the approval of the Minister of health to allocate a MRI for the general Rifa'i hospital, for the urgent need for the people of Rifa'i city for such device, and it raises the burden on the health institutions in the province. But the financial crisis and the austerity of the country has stood in the implementation of this project as there was no right place for it in the hospital and there is a lack of governmental funds. And the youth of the representation of the Hussayni rites at Rifa'i district have volunteered to build a complete building for the device, called MRI building of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) in a record time, two months only for the construction and about a month to install the device. So all thanks and gratitude to the representation of the department of processions and Hussayni rites in Rifa'i district for their community charity work, And thankfully with all the concerted efforts between the citizens and the government, the building has opened to started operating for the service of the citizens."
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