The Engineering Maintenance Department performs the works of the marketing centre of Dar Al-Kafeel for printing and distribution

After great efforts and hard and continued work, the staff of the Engineering Maintenance Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has completed the works of the marketing centre of Dar Al-Kafeel for printing and distribution according to the latest designs, this marketing centre that is located at Al-Hussayn neighbourhood, is created because of the activity expansion at the printing house, because of adding many high productivity lines.

Al-Kafeel Network has met with Engineer Samir Abbas, the head of the construction division to brief us about this project, saying: "Praise to Allah, after a series of ongoing works, the staff of the Engineering maintenance department have completed on time all works of the new headquarter of Dar Al-Kafeel for printing and distribution (the marketing centre). The centre consists of three floors, each of them is of more than 200 m2, in addition to old building of the property, which was restored and maintained so that it includes a large number of administration rooms as well as large halls for meetings. All with the contribution of the divisions of art crafts, electricity and cooling, all of which have been conducted in accordance with the fixed sequence so each division complement the work of the other."

Adding: "The project's construction was in form of iron structure that was cut using cellular light weighted concrete covered by the known cement building materials in parallel with the completion of the wiring electric operations by the electricity division, the walls and the roof were enveloped by MDF while the floor was covered by porcelain for the first and third floor, and the second floor was covered by wooden parquet. Modern lighting was used to be consistent with the paint and the centre's decoration. The site's frontage was covered by the insulating cork for its light weight. The centre was equipped with a lift and glass doors that are powered by electrical energy."

It is worth mentioning that the engineering maintenance department has accomplished many large and small projects as well as restoring works of the holy shrine's departments that seek to keep abreast of developments taking place in the world through being opened to the international companies in various fields.
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