The Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad sent its defence force to Amerli and stresses that its security is a red line

The leadership of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad has announced sending its armoured, defence, missile, elite (anger forces) forces and the tactical squad to Amerli in the Salah Ad-Din province to reinforce the defensive situation there, indicating: "Amerli security is a red line that we will never allow crossing it."

Adding: "The entry of these forces has been in coordination with the government security forces and the Peshmerga forces stationed in Kirkuk, after the exposure of Amerli city in the past few days to several terrorist attacks that resulted the martyrdom of several heroes of the security forces and the popular mobilization."

On the other hand the leadership of the Squad has explained: "It has chosen the village of Al-Bashir and the area of Amerli as two starting points for the ready forces to direct operations in the north, especially after that the civilians have been exposed in those areas to violations and they have appealed to rush to liberate them from the grip of the ISIL's terrorist gangs."

The Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad has announced earlier getting the formal approvals from the government to allow it to participate in the liberation of the northern areas such as Al-Hweyjah and Tal Afar.

It is worth mentioning that the general supervisor of the squad Mr. Maytham Al-Zaydi has made earlier during its visit to Kirkuk a series of meetings with the security and government leaders in the province of Kirkuk, where he discussed with them several important files, including the liberation plan for Al-Huwyjah and its surroundings, the security leaderships have expressed for their part that they are welcoming the Al-Abbas's (p) combat squad to enter this axis and they have called the central government to urge on a speed execution of this plan.
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