The Institute of the Holy Quran instils 12000 Quranic buds among the community.

Closing ceremony
Inspired from the words of the Holy Prophet (Allah's prayers be upon him and his holy Household): "Discipline your children on three qualities: The love of your Prophet, the love of his family Ahl Al-Bayt, and reading the Quran." The Institute of the Holy Quran at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has organized one of its largest annual events; the summer Quranic courses for the students through investing their time during the summer vacation to learn Quran and nourish their souls through Quranic workshops held daily in the sanctuary of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him) over 45 days in the holy city of Karbala and the institutes' branches outside the province.

During the last session held this summer, more than 12 thousand students from all the institute's branches in most of Iraq's provinces have graduated, they have received lessons about Quran's recitation rules, Fiqh, ethics, by three hours daily five days a week, in addition to learning how to perform ablutions, prayer and obedience of parents, how to treat the neighbours brothers and friends in an interesting and not boring way, which is reflected positively on the behaviour and actions of these children, whose parents have insisted on involving them in every edition of these courses, as the Holy Quran came to educate the nation and to establish an organized society.

Among the results of these courses:

First: Educating a Quranic generation, either in terms of recitation, ethics or approach, and contributing to the enrichment of the cognitive and linguistic students' knowledge.

Second: Facilitating learning the verses of the Holy Quran.

Third: The reflection of what the student has learned on his behaviour at home with his family.

Fourth: Introducing the children to the teachings of Islam to encourage them to move away from the path of delusion.

Fifth: Rooting the culture of love and learning the Holy Quran among the youth.

Sixth: Breaking the barrier of fear and shame through the Quranic circles, to enable the student to ask questions and debate.

Seventh: Contributing to pull these boys from the weight of reprehensible and shameful habits that began to float on the surface of the Iraqi society.

Eighth: Discovering the Quranic skills hidden in some of them and work to take care of it.

Ninth: Contributing to teach the proper and proficient pronunciation of the Arabic language by learning the verses of the Holy Quran.

It is noteworthy that this unique project seeks to prepare a generation that will be on the path of the two weighs; the Holy Quran and Ahl Al-Bayt (peace be upon them). As year after the other, the numbers of the participants in these courses increase, thus after launching the project in 2011, they were about 150 students to participate, increasing to 6000 students in 2014 and to more than 12000 students in 2016.
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