The Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad is securing the road of the pilgrims and providing them with other services

The members of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad are still providing various services to the pilgrims who are walking through the overland [Nukhayb - 'ar'ar], as they have set up special camps to provide them with the necessary food, drink and medical treatment and services, through various service stations spread out on the road.

The head of the representation of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad in the province of Basra; Ahmed Al-Badiri has explained: "The procession of the squad has stationed new 'Ar'ar border port several days ago, where its members prepare meals to offer them to the pilgrims according to a schedule prepared in advance, including the provision of the pilgrims' groups with what they need from food, drinks and other services."

On the other hand, the squad has set up a medical detachment that will work throughout the caravan traffic period, thing that was stated by the medical assistant; Saleh Mehdi medical care official, who stated: "The work of the medical detachment starts from the morning until late hours of the night to provide its services to the pilgrims and to provide them with medicines and medical supplies."

As for the security level, the members of the squad have another duty, which is represented by providing the protection and securing the overland of pilgrimage in cooperation with the border guards and the operations' leadership of the Middle Euphrates.
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