Using the Central neuraxial anaesthesia: A medical team at Al-Kafeel Hospital conducts a very important surgery to remove large water bags from a ninety years old patient.

An Iraqi medical team at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine headed by the Specialist General Surgeon Dr. May Hassan Alwan has conducted a very important surgery to remove large water bags of 12 cm each from a ninety years old patient.

The operation was conducted using the method of Central neuraxial anaesthesia without using general anaesthesia as the patient suffers from severe high blood pressure, asthma and heart failure, so the anaesthetists headed by Dr. Motradha Jabbara have managed to inject a local anaesthetic around the spinal cord to provide analgesia in the abdomen and the incision area.

The preliminary results of the operation shows its success without any side effects, the quality operation is then added to the series of operations conducted at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital. And using the technique of the Central neuraxial anaesthesia is a major leap in modern medicine as it can be used in all surgical procedures, whether big or major ones for the patients to whom is impossible to give general anaesthesia.

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