A relief and humanitarian aid convoy sent by the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine to the people of Shargat

Based on its humanitarian role and in compliance with the directives of the Supreme Religious Authority urging on providing the care and attention to the displaced, especially the families that fled the brutality of the terrorist gangs, and which areas are currently experiencing fierce battles, engaged by the security forces and the fighters of the popular mobilization and those who back them.

Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, under the direct guidance of its High Responsible, has sent urgent aid to the families who were displaced from Shargat and the surrounding areas, and who suffer from very difficult humanitarian conditions, especially the children and the elderly.

According to what was stated by Haj Dea Al-Hasnawi, this convoy includes diversified food baskets, mineral water, ice, medical aid and treatment and children's food.

The aid convoy also included supplying the transfer busses of the displaced with gasoil for the continuation of the transfer of these families to safe areas. The convoy also stopped at some factions of the security forces and their support of the popular mobilization to provide them with some assistance.

Haj Al-Hasnawi has also stated: "The conditions experienced by these families are very difficult, especially with the high temperatures, especially that the complexes housing them are completely ineligible and inadequate in terms of services. Knowing that the numbers of the displaced are increasing daily, and need greater efforts. And God willing, we will provide them in the near future with other emergency aid."
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