400 surgeries of morbid obesity were conducted at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, and all were successful

Among the surgeries conducted at Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine are the morbid obesity operations. And thanks to the equipment of high efficiency in treating such cases under the supervision of a specialized medical team, many of those who suffer from this have expressed their interest to be treated in the hospital, whether with a surgical intervention or by using other devices. And all of these medical interventions were successful.

Doctor Laith Al-Sharifi, general surgery Specialist at the Al-Kafeel hospital has explained the following: "The 400 surgeries of morbid obesity that have been conducted at Al-Kafeel Hospital, were all successful. These operations varied between those needing less surgical intervention such as the balloon insertion, injecting the stomach's wall, and those needing a surgical intervention including cutting the stomach, changing the intestine’s path, changing the stomach's path or folding the stomach. The pros of these operations is to control the blood pressure and the diabetes and reduce them."

He added: "We conduct these surgical interventions for the people for those who have body mass index (BMI) of more than 40, which is the morbid obesity, or for the people who have a BMI between 30 and 35 and suffer from diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol, as it is possible to conduct this operations with these symptoms, especially that most of the ages are subject to it, the results are often positive especially one month after the surgery, as we see that the patient has lost more than 40% of his/her weight, making the patient be in a great psychological condition thanks to his new look."

It is to mention that since the opening of the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, has conducted many quality surgical procedures under the supervision of international and local medical staffs specialized in various disciplines, as well as providing therapeutic and pharmaceutical services.

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