The Engineering Maintenance Department continues its work for the establishment of the primary school "Al-Qamar"

The Engineering Maintenance Department at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its work for the establishment of "Al-Qamar" school, which is a primary school for girls belonging to the group of schools of Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), The completion percentage has reached about 80 %. This step of the holy shrine to give care and attention to the educational aspect and to be a new project added into the educational process of the group.

Al-Kafeel Network has met with Mr. Hameed Abd Al-Majeed, the head of the artistic handcraft Division of the Engineering Maintenance Department to tell us about the details of this project: "All praise to God, the Department of Engineering Maintenance continues the work to establish Al-Qamar school at an accelerated pace, where the achievement percentage has reached nearly 80 %. The works are almost completed when considering covering the floors of classrooms and halls with ceramics, the walls have been also cut using iron clips galvanized with empty blocks from the two sides to leave a space of 15 cm for insulation, and working the secondary ceilings in form of squares using the tiles, on the other hand, the electricity installation work progressed significantly."

He added: "The work is still in progress at a good pace and within a sequence of steps with the participation of all departments' staff, leading to the completion of the installation of the sewer and sanitary systems, and we only need to cover the central courtyard of the school with the Muqarnas and the front end will be covered artistically with cork encased with plastic."

It is to note that the total area of the school is of 1320 m2, consisting of a ground floor and two floors, and includes 26 classrooms and four laboratories, as well as a large hall for events, rooms for teachers with a kindergarten for the children of the school's employees, in addition to a room for electronic monitor and a large yard for sports.

It is worth mentioning that the engineering Maintenance Department has accomplished many large and small projects as well as restoration works of the departments at the holy shrine, which is seeking to keep abreast of developments taking place in the world through being opened to the international companies in various fields.
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