For the first time in Iraq: Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital provides a linear radiation device for the treatment of cancer patients, dispensing them from 25 treatment sessions.

Within its serious hard work and ambition to provide the latest medical equipment and the advanced medical and therapeutic services to the people of this country, Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine started providing the linear radiation device for the treatment of cancer patients, which dispense them of 25 treatment sessions.
The hospital has prepared a dedicated staff who was formed in training workshops under the supervision of a specialized medical team from the Republic of Iran, chaired by Professor Akbari, head of the research center of cancer diseases in Iran, according to a contract signed between the two sides about how to use the linear radiation device during oncology operations, and the staff of the hospital will be trained in the fields of physics' medicine, surgery and nuclear medicine in Iran.
Dr. Ahmed Abd Al-Jabbar Al-'Askari, an Oncology specialist in the hospital has stated: "The presence of the radiation device during the surgery is considered as important for medical evolution, sought by the hospital and which will make a therapeutic breakthrough for patients suffering from cancerous diseases, and it is considered as one of the advanced treatments that preserve the organ instead of removing it." indicating: "The linear radiation is given only to cancer patients in the early stages of the disease."
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