Director of the Near East division at the German Institute of Archaeology: The display of Al-Kafeel museum is parallel to the global level

"The museum presentation of Al-Kafeel Network of treasures and manuscripts is parallel to the global level in this field, and we know that the ambition of the workers in it do not stop at this point as it has many future plans for th eadvancement of it work."
This was the statement of Professor Margarete van Ess; Director of the Near East Department at the German Insitute of Archaeology during her visit to Al-Kafeel Museum of treasures and manuscripts at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine. She was accompanied by the head of the museum M. Sadeq Lazem in her long visit, which has included the treasures storeroom and the exposition hall while listening to the explanation about the most important and latest global mechanisms and modalities used in the museum, maintenance works and the exposition.
She has added: "This visit is the seed of the cooperation of the German Institute of Archaeology and Al-Kafeel Museum of treasures and manuscripts, which has began four years ago, and we are still continuing the collaboration and communication especially with regard to the museum presentation style and the sophisticated followed restoration methods, as well as the provision of scientific consulting in this field. As previously many visits have been conducted to the museum, and in each visit, I notice the used techniques and their development, and what have impressed me is the speed of work's completion and its artistic style."
She has also explained that: "The restoration works and the storage methods are done by the use ot the latest methods currently used worldwide. We were also briefed about the events and activities adopted by the Museum for the development of its cadres, whom we found full of vigor, vitality and love of work, which are two essential factors to the success of any work, especially museum work, as any new method followed globally is immediately learned and then adopted to live up to the global level. The best proof of this is what we see today from the use of this kind of exhibition and presentation that the museum staff has manufactured to give the museum a new life."
It is to note that this visit is a part of the join work between Al-Kafeel museum of treasures and manuscripts and the German Institute of Archaelogy, following and exhange of visits between the two sides and the participation in conferences and seminars about the museum and archaeological work, exchange of information and taking scientific advice that contributes to the advancement of this work.
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