The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority to the Ambassador of Japan in Iraq: The cultural depth of Iraq and the technical skills of Japan can create a real partnership between the two countries.

The representative of the Supreme Religious Authority and the High Responsible of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi has stressed when meeting the Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Iraq; Mr. Fumio Iwai and his accompanying delegation that: "The cultural depth of Iraq and the technical skills of Japan can create a real partnership between the two countries, and that the Iraqi people love and respect the Japanese people since ancient times, as Iraqi people considers Japan as a peaceful country that owns advanced industry and technology, which Iraq has invested in many fields, either in the industry, commerce or agriculture or others."
The meeting was held in the hospitality hall at the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine on Wednesday afternoon the 24th of Muharram 1438 AH corresponding to the 26th of October 2016, and the two sids have exchanged many subjects, and Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi has expressed the following remarks:
1- Iraqi people aspire to have a good relationship with Japan in various fields and levels, particularly the industrial fields.
2- Facilitating the visa procedure for Iraqis to enter Japan, and the ambassy in Iraq issues it without referring to their ambassy in Jordan or the UAE.
3- Iraqi is an ancient country with venerable history and Japan is a strong and developed country and it is possible to converge in order to work together.
4- We call on the Japanese companies to invest in Iraq as it is a fertile ground for the investment and to have an active role and presence as in the past.
5- The Iraqi citizen has great confidence in Japanese products that have proven their success and efficiency.
6- Work on the transfer of the commercial agencies of Japanese companies from the regional countries directly to Iraq.
7- In the Al-Abbas' (p) holy shrin we have joint work with Japan in several areas, especially in the field of cars and equipment as well as museum matters.
8- Since 2003, the biggest challenge for Iraq is the presence of terrorist gangs that have expanded after the fall of Mosul by ISIL's gangs, and the Iraqi state was about to crumble without the fatwa of the supreme religious authority that has protected the sovereignty of Iraq and restored confidence in its security forces, and after which more than two millions Iraqi have rushed to answer, and they were a popular mobilization to stop ISIL's expansion and aborted its plans in Iraq.
9- The holy shrines have provided moral and material assistance to the category of displaced persons when ISIL's gangs have seized the control over some areas, without distinction or differenciation between race or sect.
10- It is not appropriate for Iraq to depend on another country to take a visa or for commerical agencies, as Iraq is not a small country and has grat civilization and history.
11- Stressing on the need to take advantage of Japan's expertise in the field of reconstruction and infrastructure.
12- What the media say about the internal security or political situation of Iraq, is mostly not the truth as they work for agendas that do not want any good for this country. There are many safe areas in Iraq in which it is possible to work in complete freedom.
13- Starting joint work and investment between the Japanese companies and the Al-Abbas' (p) holy shrine wihtin its possible means.
For his part, the Ambassador of Japan; Mr. Fumio Iwai has stated: "We are very pleased with this meeting, and the time we have spent with the representative of the supreme religious authority, who has point out some points that were hidden from us or that did not reach us in an accurate way as an embassy and representatives of the State of Japan. And we assure that we will do our efforts to strengthen the cooperation between Iraq and Tokyo in several areas, and it will be taken into account highlights of this meeting, which we hope will be repeated in the future. "
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