The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine inspects the conditions of fighters who have liberated the western axis in Mosul

The liberation battle of Mosul is one of the fateful battles waged by our security forces and the volunteers of the Fatwa of the Sacred Defense, as after they have defeated the invader of ISIL's gangs in all areas they had desecrated, today they are gathered under the flag of Iraq to liberate this part of Iraqi land, which needs more support in all its forms and types as it is a battle of existence.

And to emphasize on the importance of the communication and sustaining the battle momentum as it is a national, religious and moral duty to cleanse Iraq from the terrorist groups, and based on the recommendations of the supreme religious authority to provide the support to the fighters in this battle, the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its visits to the stationed military troops in the battlefields since the launch of the blessed fatwa of the supreme religious authority up today in order to provide the material and logistical support. The last visit was the visit of the delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine that has included a number of Sayeds and Sheikhs to the military troops scattered and stationed in the western axis of Mosul, which includes army, police and volunteers of the popular mobilization. The visit has lasted two days.

The head of the delegation, the head of the Religious Affairs Department in the holy shrine; Sheikh Salah Al-Karbala'i has stated to Al-Kafeel Network: "Since the launch of the blessed fatwa of the supreme religious authority, the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine continues its visits to the military troops stationed in the battlefields in order to provide them with the material and logistical support, and the last visit was to the military troops and the fighters participating in the liberation operation of Mosul in the western axis, which is the most dangerous axis. The goal of this visit is to boost the spirits of the fighters whom already have high spirits and strong faith, in addition to provide them with the material and logistical support, including all troops of the popular mobilization with all their denominations"

Adding: "We have also visited the base of Qayyarah and have me with some of the leaders responsible for leading in-field operations. They were working with perseverance like a beehive. We have also passed by many villages such as Shurah, Hammam Al-'Aleel, Tal Tayba until we arrived to the battalion responsible for missiles' processing, which is equipping all troops of popular mobilization with rockets."

Sheikh Al-Karbala'i stressed that: "We have felt the high and indescribable spirits and rush to fight in all fighters, who were stressing on the continuation of the fight until the liberation of the last inch of Iraq's land. And verily, our big joy was when we have witnessed the high coordination between the fighting military troops, as well as the people of the liberated areas who have stayed in their homes, welcoming the liberating forces and witnessing the extent of tolerance of our youth."
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