The disparity between us, each is showing what is inside

It is the same great distance between Earth and the sky, between backwardness and progress, between cruelty and compassion, between the shining light of God and the darkness of ignorance, It is the morality of the holy Household of Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon them) that has educated these blessed fighters, who have left their families and homes to the battlefields to apply the mercy and tolerance of the Shari'a on the people of the liberated areas that were desecrated by the gangs of evil, happy to be able to meet the call of the religious authority and of the homeland. Congratulations to them as history will remember for ages their heroism and tolerance, which will be written in letters of gold.

While in the other side, there are fighters fed on hatred, aspiring their cruelty and distaste from the school of Ibn Taymiyyah for teaching atonement and terrorism, boasting of killing the innocents, invading others and shewing livers... but as long as the mind is the balance and scale to distinguish right from wrong and is the judge and in front of Allah the opponents will meet.

The picture is of one of the fighters of the Fatwa of the Sacred Defense in one of the liberated areas in the province of Mosul, carrying a girl who sought refuge after that ISIl's gangs and their helpers have shown them humiliation over more than two years, and found in him the compassionate grandfather whom ISIL's gangs tried to tarnish his image, And this is only an example of hundreds of other humanitarian cases, like the poet has said:

The disparity between us ***** each is showing what is inside
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