In pictures: When love is for Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) it becomes endless

A scene that the experts of politics, psychology and sociology are unable to analysis, if they omit the factors of faith, loyalty and spontaneous love stored in the conscience of people and in their sub-conscience to those who they believe in and adhere to them till the point of their willingness to sacrifice themselves for their sake.

People that are different in culture, socioeconomic level, ethnicity, ideology and national identity, but they meet and gather every year on one road leading to the land of Karbala.

Does it come to people's mind or did they wonder: who has ordered these crowds to participate in this march?! And who has forced these elderly, youth and children for this sufferings?! Is there any king or Sultan who has directed them? Or are they afraid for a gain or rushing for worldly benefit?!

Neither this nor that! It is a gathering of faith on a divine will. And if people spend everything they have to realize it they wouldn't.

But the Almighty has gathered the hearts of the believers to realize His will every year at the tomb of the Master of the Youth of Paradise; the Martyr, the grandson of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (Allah's prayers be upon him and upon his holy Household) as one of the scenes of affection, love and loyalty to the Chosen and his holy Household, which the sincere faithful are ordered by the Almighty Allah to respect and love.
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