In pictures: The services provided by Al-'Alqami Complex to the visitors.

Among the service complexes that provide services to the visitors heading to Karbala for the Ziyarat of the holy shrines of Imam Al-Hussayn and his brother Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them), is the Al-'Alqami service Complex for the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine located in one of the most important axes leading to the province; Hillah to Karbala, which is taken by most of the visitors coming from the southern provinces. And this service facility is like the other service complexes has declared the maximal alert state to all its human and material potential to serve the visitors.

The Supervisor of the Al-'Alqami; Haj Redha Naji Sahi has explained to Al-Kafeel Network that had a tour in the complex: "The complex is managed by 125 employees in addition to 223 volunteers, including women to provide the services to the ladies. The complex has started providing its services since more than ten days, a service pace that is rising with the increase of the visitors' numbers. We distribute three meal a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner, by a medium rate of 5000 meals increasing to 40000 meals in the coming days with the crescendo of the Ziyarat."

And added: "Other kind of foods are provided between these meals, such as fruits, juices, soft drinks and hot dishes such as hummus and soups in addition to shawarma of both red and white meat for snacks to offer to the visitors, as well as tea and water around the clock. The complex accommodates almost 7000 visitors daily, in halls that some are reserved for women and others for men."

Sahi has continued: "There are also medical and treatment services through a medical detachment set up in collaboration with the health department of Diwaniyah including a medical and nursing staff to provide all treatments."

Adding: "There are other additional services, namely: 1- Centre for the distribution of badges for the children and elderly, 2- Centre for the missing, 3- Stations to teach the correct reading, 4- Centre to answer the religious questions, 5- Holding prayers in congregation."
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