In pictures: Words cannot describe the altruism of those walking to the tomb of Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him).

A scene of loyalty and love, of condolences and funeral, and of the renewed covenant with Allah, His Messenger and Ahl Al-Bayt at the slaughtered head of Al-Hussayn by the swords of heartless tyrants, which blades were shaped and sharped by the fire lighted by infidelity of those who preceded them and prepared this tragedy.

And by Allah, walking towards the tomb of Al-Hussayn is a renewed pledge of allegiance to Allah in order to repudiate in front of him from those whose brutality has exceeded the treachery of wolves, as they dared to kill the beloved son of the Holy Prophet and slaughtered the head of Al-Hussayn, and his tragedy has become a road to the eternal paradise and mercy in the highest for the people of faith, and a hell of Saqar for the people of disbelief who will perish with Pharaoh and his soldiers.

On the other hand, the tents and condolence's procession have painted on the streets and roads a picture of Hussayni loyalty expressing: All that we own may be redemption for the sake of Hussayn and his visitors.
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