Their Jihad is Ziyarat and application of At-Taf's lessons (pictures from Mosul)

If this creeping flood of human from the south and north of Iraq is heading to the Kaaba of the free ones to commemorate the Arba'een of the Master of martyrs (peace be upon him), there is sweeping deluge in the north of Iraq that pulls out all malignant roots from the progeny of Bani Umayyah (Curse of Allah be upon them).

The scenes of At-Taf are copied in the liberation operations' district of Nineveh by the heroes who have strong faith and left their beloved ones and most importantly the Hussayni atmosphere in the holy shrines in Karbala with the influx of millions of visitors from all over the world.

Karbala is now a small picture of the universe in its fullest beauty, altruism, generosity, solidarity, coexistence and diversity, a picture of the virtuous city beyond space and time. Karbala is a lesson for all of us.

But in northern Iraq, the Mujahideen has learned Karbala lessons to apply it on the ground, as they are raising the flags of victory, protecting the honour proclaiming: By Allah, as long as we have a beating vein, the land of Iraq will not be usurped. There, one can find those who take as example Habib, John, 'Abes, Akbar, Qassem and all the heroes of Al-Ghaderiyha.

So, our prayers are for the heroes in the battlefields, and all the visitors here in Karbala did and will not forget you in their supplications.
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