28950 condolence and service processions have participated in the Ziyarat Arba'een.

The head of the Department of rites, processions and Hussayni bodies in Iraq and the Islamic world of the two holy shrines of Imam Al-Hussayn and Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them); Haj Riyadh Ni’mah Al-Salman has announced the number of the Hussayni processions participating in the Ziyarat Arba'een of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) this year 1438 AH is of 28950 processions in all parts of Iraq, including 8460 processions within the administrative borders of Karbala province, including 66 Arab and foreign processions.

Al-Salman has added: "These processions are 1460 condolence's processions of lamentations and Zinjeel performing condolences rituals, and the rest is service processions that provide various services to the visitors heading to the Ziyarat of Imam Al-Hussayn and his brother Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) by offering them food and drinks and other services."

Explaining: "The Department has called 350 volunteers to help the staff of the department of control and regulate the conduct of processions, noting that the department has registered these processions earlier and deployed his staff on the ways of these processions to register any adverse situation or violation made by the procession's owner in order to be avoided in the future, and also to regulate and organize their parades."
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