The Supreme Religious Authority do justice to Iraqis from the historians who have wronged them.

The Supreme Religious Authority still defends the base of the true Islam, the pioneers of its dissemination in the world and the people of the Mahdi's capital: The people of Iraq.

Therefore, from time to time, when there is an opportunity, it clarifies the confusion of some people, because of the fraud of historians, lies of the malevolent haters, envy of the envious enemies.

And today, the religious authority takes the opportunity to do justice to this people from the oppression of historians and the injustice of enemies and those in kin. And states what has been mentioned in the second sermon of Friday prayer led by its representative; Sayed Ahmed Al-Safi, as in the following points:

  • 1- The noble Iraqi people, as usual, have harnessed all its possible efforts for the success of this Ziyarat, despite its sufferings and pains, which they have forgotten and shun, making honouring events to its history.
  • 2- What a generosity, hospitality and patience! These people are generous, hospitable and fighter.
  • 3- It is rare to find people, men and women, young and old, serving each other and serving their country's guests with an indescribable generosity and precise organization that is hardly found even in the developed countries.
  • 4- The burden was too heavy but everyone has borne magnanimously.
  • 5- The service processions' owners, their role was prominent in the success of the Ziyarat.
  • 6- The Iraqi people are higher than any rumour or lie.
  • 7- They are authentic, confident and preserving its identity.
  • 8- And certainly, their terrorism is only increasing the determination of the lovers of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) to his Ziyarat and get more attached to his path. As for those criminals, they will get their punishment in the battlefields by our heroes.
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