After a fierce battle: The heroes of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and the forces of the popular mobilization, have surrounded fully the area of "Tal 'Abtah" in preparation to get into it.

Within the fifth stage in the western axis of Mosul, the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad and formations of the popular mobilization have surrounded the area of "Tal 'Abtah" on three sides and militarily encircled it in three axes, and have reached its boundaries, in preparation for liberating it from the conception of the terrorist ISIL's gangs.
This encirclement was controlled after a fierce battle taken by these forces in the village of Salihiyah, liberated earlier, and in which material and human losses were caused to the terrorist ISIL's gangs that were settled in this region, while others have fled, leaving behind them their light and heavy weapons. During this battle, two car bomb were denotated and th terrorists who were in them were killed before they arrive to the squad's members, and another car bomb that was intended to target the advanced forces, was dismantled.
And with the arrival of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad and the troops of the popular mobilization to the outskirts of the area of Tal 'Abtah, this area will be the first to be entered by the troops in Mosul, as it has a strategic depth for terrorism. and thus the troops have taken th control over nearly half of th island starting from Tel 'Abtah west toward the Syrian border, in preparation to liberate the district of Tal 'Afar and Al-Hadar.
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