The instructors of the Al-Kafeel Academy of military rescuing, hold on field training on the air medical evacuation.

The instructors of the Al-Kafeel Academy of military rescuing of the Al-Abbas' (p) holy shrine have held yesterday Friday the 9th of Rabi' Awwal 1438 AH corresponding to the 9th of December 2016, a field practice on the air medical evacuation, which comes after that the trainees had an advanced developmental session held by the trainers of the European Academy of National Security, in order to modernize and develop the information and expertise they have gained in the previous sessions. Noting this training was carried out at the headquarter of the aircraft airstrip located on the road between Najaf and Karbala.
The director of the Al-Kafeel Academy for military rescuing; Mr. Murtadha Al-Ghalibi has explained to Al-Kafeel Network the following: "The course was a continuation to the program of the medical evacuation for the injured during war, which is the second course held by the European Academy of National Security for the Al-Kafeel Academy for military rescuing, including the training on rescuing and medical evacuation in the air during the take off, and also evacuating the injured from the plane to the medical detachment through the application of March system in force in how to rescue the emergencies during war, and this system is the latest system followed worldwide."
And he added: "This training was like a test for us as we could practice the previous exercises we had, and this training was really tough, especially that the movement of the aircraft generates a pressure on the medic, but thankfully it was of great benefit as it is an on the field training as previously we could rescue on the ground, in the car and now in the plane, which is a significant progress. And God willing, we will transfer the informations we have learned to the security forces and to the volunteers of the popular mobilization through the courses held by the academy."
It is to mention that the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine hold from time to time courses in first aid for its employees in order to develop their abilities, skills and expertise in how to deal with emergency situations that may occur, whether in daily life or on the battlefields.
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