Within the sixth stage of the liberation of west Mosul, the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad liberates tens of kilometers, saves the displaced families and provides them with aids.

In the beginning of the sixth stage for the liberation of the west Mosul within the operations "We are coming, Nineveh", the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad was able to liberate tens of kilometers from the usurped lands and villages, after fierce battles, in which the squad's soldiers have well fought making the enemy; the terrorist ISIL's gangs bear material and human losses.
The statement issued by the Central Information Division, and seen by the Al-Kafeel network has reported that: "There is a new progress after that the squad forces have liberated the village of Ral Maydan Quli in addition to clearing all the roads leading to it, making an important step in the sixth stage for the Liberation of west Mosul towards Tal Afar."
The statement added: "The squad forces have managed to reach the edge of the North of Quli field and freed the lands after Al-Boothah village as well, thus liberating tens of kilometers in the firstfruits of the sixth stage of liberalization of west of Mosul."
Explaining: "The squad's forces carried out the evacuation and relief operations of the displaced families and provided them with medical and food aid."
On the other hand, the forces of the popular mobilization including the forces of the fighting squad of Al-Abbas (peace be upon him), have launched the supplementary operations of the fifth stage, and are working to clean up the streets of south Tel Abtah from explosives and mines, continuing to advance toward the liberation of southern Tel Abtah areas.
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