The Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad continues its progress and liberates the village of al-Sadah finding a plant for the manufacture of projectiles and explosive devices.

The Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad continues its progress toward its set goals, within its assigned duty in the west axis of Mosul. And it has made a clear and tangible progress and was able to liberate a number of villages from the control of the terrorist ISIL's gangs causing them many human and material losses, and in the sixth stage it has liberated the village of al-Sadah located in the northwest area of Tel Abtah in the western axis of Mosul. According to the statement of the media centre of the Squad.

And added: "During the searches and inspections' operations in this village, we have found one of the laboratories of these terrorist gangs, including workshops for the manufacture of projectiles and explosive devices, and a workshop for smelting and casting moulds, and other for the manufacture and installation of lightning strikes. It has also included highly explosive chemicals that they have left behind them after their loss in front of the progress of the Squad's heroes, and the engineering faction has treated it."

It is to mention that according to the latest operational position, the forces of the popular mobilization have managed to free the village of Khuweitlah in the west of the Ashwah city after clashes with ISIL's forces. And they have also killed a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt, who tried to target the advanced troops inside the Ashwah city in the west of Tal Afar, and that the troops coming from the southern axis have met the forces coming from the northern axis in the road linking the area of Tal Abtah and the Airport of the martyr Sayed Jassem Aal Shubbar -previously Tal Afar-, and have successfully secured it to enable the forces to use it, cutting another guerrilla supply lines of ISIL gangs with Tal Afar District from the southern side.
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