The High Responsible of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine and its Secretary General have attended the opening ceremony of the Master of Guardians' (peace be upon him) city, and congratulating the Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine for this establishment.

The General Secretariat of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, represented by its High Responsible sayed Ahmed Al-Safi and its Secretary General Sayed Mohamed Al-Ashiqar have attended the opening ceremony of the Master of Guardians' (peace be upon him) city for visitors, located on the road Baghdad / Karbala, which was inaugurated on the eve of the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet and of Imam Ja'far As-adeq (Allah's prayers be upon them), on Friday afternoon the 16th of Rabi' Awwal 1438 AH corresponding to the 16th of December 2016, where a grand ceremony was held and attended by religious, political and popular personalities.
The city's opening ceremony has included many activities, firstly the word delivered by its High Responsible of the Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine; Sheikh Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbala'i, in which he stated:
"The men of our brave Iraq refuse that our children and our future generations see in the history of this country only the pictures of infighting, alienation, widowhood, tragedies and calamities. so they started drawing pages of work, construction and aspiration that is appropriate with our heritage, civilization and minds. And we see them, with one hand thy are taking up arms to protect our homeland and its sanctities and to save our thinking and heritage from deception and deviation, while the other hand is supporting it with construction and urbanization.
And if the holy shrines in Iraq, were the first to answer the fatwa of the defense of this country, it is no wonder that these holy shrines complement the other half in the march of preserving the heritage and civilization of this country. And indeed, the holy shrines of Imam Al-Hussayn and of Al-Abbas (peace be upon both of them) had played a major role over the past years in the completion of lor of service, educational, medical, cultural and agricultural projects."
There was also the words of the presidency of the Shiite Endowment and of the Iraq's prime minister delivered on his behalf by the governor of Karbala; Mr. Aqeel Al-Turayhi, and a word of the project's executive company. The ceremony included also the presentation of Classical Arabic poems, and then it was concluded by the inauguration of this great urban establishment.
The High Responsible of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and its General Secretary have congratulated the Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine for this project, and have praised the efforts made to establish such projects that serve the visitors heading to the shrines of the holy city of Karbala.
The head of the Engineering Project Department at the Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine; Mohamed Hassan Kadhem, has explained the following: "The city of visitors was designd by an Iraqi company and executed by the cadres of the enginering and technical projects Department at the holy shrine. It is located on the road Baghdad - Karbala, 8 kilometers before entering the holy city. The city includes a Mosque built in 1200 square meters, health centre in two floors, administration building and the host hall on an area of 1400 square meters, an attached kitchen of 500 square meters, sanitaries and bathrooms, 220 residential apartments, 11 sleeping halls for the visitors, each of them on an area of 800 square meters on two floors, in addition to fountains and gardens. The total area of the city is of 75 thousand square meters, of which 24 thousand square meters allocatd for garden and green spaces."
Adding: "The city is a tourist and entertainment attraction of the holy city of Karbala and the nearby provinces, as it contains integrated services such as places of prayer, restaurants, gardens, fountains and children play grounds in order to create the psychological comfort for the visitors and the residents."
Stressing: "The city's design combines the tradition and the modernity in harmony with the Islamic architecture used in the construction of the holy city of Karbala, so one feels that the city is a part of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peac be upon him)."
The specialists in architecture have stated that the city of the Master of Guardians [Sayed Al-Awsiya'] (peace be upon him) is the largest ciy of the visitors in Iraq, and it combines tradition and modernity as the Islamic architecture was respected, and at the same time the latest designs and modern technologies were used in it. the city also includes a dome with Islamic cravings making the visitor feels the Islamic and spiritual atmosphere with a Hussayni scent. The dome is surrounded by huge modern buildings and gardens that are decorated in modern style.
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