With great valiantly and courage: Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad ends its first tasks in the west of Mosul

The Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy shrine has ended all phases of its first entrusted tasks and duties in the liberation of the west of Mosul (operations of the popular mobilization forces) within the operations of "We are coming, Nineveh" in which the squad's fighter in all their categories have well done and have drawn the finest images of bravery and courage.
This came in the statement issued by the squad and in which it has added: "The squad has participated in most of the combat operations waged by the popular mobilization forces in this axis, and it has completed all the mandated goals to it and was able to release approximately 300 square kilometers in addition to the liberation of tens of villages and areas and the relief and returning the displaced families to their home towns."
The statement stressed: "The elite and rapid intervention forces have been kept for the strategic defensive position as they were put on alert and are ready for any circumstance that may need their intervention in the western axis."
On the other hand, the supervisor of the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad; Sheikh Maytham Al-Zaydi has stressed that: "The squad will remain a major force in the operations and it is preparing five thousand of its reserve troops to support operations if needed."
It is to note that the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad has participated with its various formations; the brigade of armadillos for the first time, the artillery and missile brigades, the brigade of Om Al-Baneen (peace be upon her), forces from the brigages of Al-Kafeel and Al-'Alqami and the forces of elite/ Commando regiment, in addition to the units of electronic surveillance [Raqeeb], controled aviation and intelligence as well as the supporting unit. Accompanied by the Squad of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) of the Imam Ali's (p) holy shrine, brigade of supporters of al-Marji'wiyyah, the force of Mohammad Al-Asghar of the shrine of Sayed Bakr son of Imam Ali (peace be upon him) in Babylon.
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