"Doctors without wage" a free medicinal and therapeutic project launched by Al-Kafeel Hospital in the remote areas and villages.

Within the set of projects launched by the Specialist Al-Kafeel Hospital at the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, it has launched recently the project of "Doctors without wage" to treat the residents of remote areas and villages in the holy city of Karbala to give them the appropriate treatment for free depending on each case, under the supervision of medical specialists involved in the first phase, both from: ophtalomology, internal medicine and dermatology that will include other specialities in the future, its activity is periodic according to a time and place schedule put by the hospital's management.
The project aims to:
First: Check the pathological cases in the areas that suffer shortages in the presence of medical centers.
Second: Prescribing the appropriate treatment and giving it under the supervision of specialis doctors.
Third: Contributing to alleviate the burden on citizens' health.
Fourth: Educating medically the residents of these areas and giving them medical instructions.
Fifth: Referring the incurable cases to the hospital and supervising to give them the appropriate treatment after diagnosis.
Sixth: Seeing in the field the pathologies of the patients in these areas to find suitable treatments.
It is to note that the launch of the project was in the area of Wand that is about 25 km from Karbala, and more than 250 patients to whom free treatments were given. Great tribute was given by the people of this region was given to this project.
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