Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital brings the "Ilizarov apparatus" technique to restore and repair the bones.

The specialized hospital Al-Kafeel brings the Ilizarov apparatus technique to restore and repair bones. Within their relentless pusuit to introduce all that is new to keep up with the medical development, the director of the European Al-Kafeel Centre at the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Dr. Safa' Al-Husseini has announced: "We have brought the external fixator technique "Ilizarov apparatus" for the treatment of multiple, complex and unstable fractures, and also to treat the bacterial infections of bones and the severe cases of shortness resulting from congenital malformations such as the shortness of one of the legs, or arched legs or failure in growth, and it is one of the modern techniques used in most of the international hospitals.
He added: "the restoration and treatment of bone deformities using this technique is done by a surgery to install the external fixator, then a crack is done in the bones in acertain way so it turns into what is lie a growth center for the children, then the growth is oriented in this place by the external fixator by prolonging quickly tissues resulting progressively new tissues in the bone, nerves, muscles and skin, and thus it is possible to control the bones' positions and fixing them wihtout the need of any surgery slot, and the external fixator is removed after the completion of the fractures' healing."
He explained: "It is possible to use this technique to fix the open fractures, the joints, lengthening the bones and healing the bones after repair surgeries of bone deformities."
The Russian doctor; Alexander Mitrovanov who is currently present at Al-Kafeel Hospital has added: "The device is one of the techniques of modern medicine in the treatment of complex bone's fractures, and the device is able to add between 15cm to 30 cm, and it is used in form of an external circular fixator in orthopedics and complex fractures surgeries."
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