The message that the displaced of Mosul wanted to convey to His Eminence the Supreme Religious Authority Sayed Ali Al-Sistani via his office's relief committee.

Despite all the weather and security conditions, the Relief Committee of the office of His Eminence the Supreme Religious Authority Sayed Ali Al-Sistani, continues to help the displaced families from the province of Nineveh and District Al-Hwayjah, who fled from the oppression of the terrorist ISIL's gangs, and the aid convoys are continuous according to a place and time schedule preset either for the displaced camps or to the liberated cities. The committee has stepped up its work during this period as a result of the increasing cases of displacement and the deteriorations of the displaced conditions, so this committee was present to provide them with aid within the available means harnesed for this humanitarian work.
In reaction to what they have received from the Relief Committee, the reactions towards the Supreme Religious Authority have varied, all expressing thanks and gratitude to His Eminence Sayed Ali Al-Sistani, and they have asked the members of the Relief Committee to convey their messages, which some were as follows:
"As long as Sayed Sistani did not forget us we will not forget him in our prayers." These were the words of the displaced in the camp Hassan Shami located near Khazer river in the area of Hassan Shami, which includes 2500 displaced families from Mosul, making almost ten thousand people, who have received 2500 food baskets, baby milk, children's clothing in various sizes, women's clothing and about 3500 water boxes. So they were full of appreciation and gratitude for the supreme religious authority.
"We thank His Eminence Sayed Al-Sistani for his parental care during these difficult circumstances, as we did not receive aids with this quantity and quality but those provided by His Eminence, who have given his sympathy to all Iraqis regardless of their sects and origins." These were the words of the displaced in the Qimawah camp in Dohuk province, which contains about one thousand displaced families from the area of Tal-Kif and its surroundings in the Nineveh province. They have received 1000 food baskets with childrens' clothing and baby milk.
"Our message to Sayed Al-Sistani is: You have great reward, and we pray Allah to give the best reward, you are our pride and honour. May Allah bless you, and we swear that each family raises its hands to pray the almighty to bestow upon you success and good health. May Allah help you and give you victory." These were the words of the Al-Hwayjah displaced in the villages of Rabeythah and Samrah and part of the displaced living in building's structures in Tikrit. The aids included 1500 food baskets, 2280 blankets and baby milk, in addition to the displaced of Tal 'abtah in the runway camp of Qiyyahrah area in which live almost one thousand families, to which large quantity of blankets have been distributed.
"It is Sayed Al-Sistani who has snuffed out the fire of sectarian strife in Iraq. We have understood the lesson and we are conscious of the game of the Iraq's enemies." These were the words of the displaced of the villages southern Mosul, namely: Khalidiyah, 'ayn Marmiyah, Khebata, Makook, Sayed Awah, Salahiyah, Nasr, 'Ayn Moozan, Sultan Abdallah and Dweyzat, who are about 3700 displaced families in addition to the Jad'ah camp in Qiyarah in which live almost 1300 displaced families from the Shura area. The aid sent to them included 5000 food baskets.
"We thank His Eminence sayed Al-Sistani, as he did not forget us, but he made us proud after the humiliation of ISIL with his blessed Fatwa for the defence of the homeland and the sanctities." These were the words of the displaced of Sab'awiyyin villages located on the right bank of Tigris River south Mosul. The aid for them has included 3700 food baskets, each family has received a food basket, to help about 20 thousand people, in addition to Jad'ah camp located in the west of Qiyyarah to which 1300 food baskets were provided to about 15 thousand people. The Khazer camp located near Khazer area East of Mosul, in which live 1350 displaced families making 7000 people, and to whom 1350 food baskets were given. The Hassan Shami camp located in the area of Hassan Shami in which live about 1100 displaced from the liberated villages of Mosul, namely: Kukjali, Bartallah, Bazwayah, Hay Karama and other neighbourhoods, to whom 1150 food baskets were provided, so that each family takes one food basket.
It is to note that the committee is continuously providing the aids in order to alleviate the sufferings of these families, and make them feel that the supreme religious authority is a safe haven for all Iraqis regardless of their colors and sects, and to remove the blur from the false picture given to it by the enemies.
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