The Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine sets the foundation stone for Karbala International airport project and the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine participate in the celebration.

Complementing its big and vital projects with confident steps, the Imam Al-Hussayn's (p) holy shrine has setup on Monday 22nd Rabi' Thani 1438 AH corresponding to the 23rd January 2017, the foundation stone for Karbala International airport project located on the road Najaf - Karbala, 30 km far from the city centre, and which will be implemented by Copperchase Ltd, a British company, and Ar-Reda group for investment, in collaboration with the company of Khayrat Sibtayn of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him).

This step will contribute significantly in the service of the holy city of Karbala and its respected visitors, after strenuous efforts the first phase will be implemented in a period of 18 months.

The celebration, which was held at the project site, was attended by the High Responsible of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), its Secretary-General and a number of its officials in addition to a high-level delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine headed by its Secretary-General; Engineer Mohamad Al-Ashiqar, accompanied by a number of its officials and heads of its departments, governmental figures, Karbala governor, the president of its board, some of the notables of the city and heads of clans. The ceremony was launched with a recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, reading Al-Fatiha in memory of Iraq martyrs, followed by the word of the High Responsible of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him); Sheikh Abd Al-Mahdi Al-Karbala'i, in which he states:

"This project is a service that we should offer to the visitors and to the holy city of Karbala, especially with the influx of millions of visitors each year as Karbala has become a popular destination for them. And in fact we could not able to get this project to the implementation stage without the blessings of the Master of martyrs Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him), the efforts, dedication and the hard work of several departments, starting with the work of the Ministry of Transport that has made great efforts to launch this project, as well as the efforts of Karbala province, its Council and the national investment Commission as well as the company of Khayrat Sibtayn of the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him). As the success of this project will be the result of all their efforts, so all thanks and appreciation to all of them."

And he added: "The large and giant investment projects in Iraq can be achieved at the present time in spite of the difficult conditions experienced by the country whenever the solid will, high vigor, sincerity, integrity and patriotism are there to provide the best, then lot of investment and service projects can be conducted."

He continued: "There is a hand fighting and sacrificing in order to preserve the security of this country and there is a hand that builds, and we assure our brothers in the other provinces that this project is no in scramble with the rest of the airports in other provinces, but came to complement the services provided by the rest of the airports and to be another landmark added to the landmarks in Iraq, we ask the Almighty God to help us all in order to complement this project and the first landing plane."

Then many words followed; the words of the president of the board of the national investment, Karbala governor and the head of its board, to stress on the significant role to be played by this airport, and the importance and the need to accelerate in its implementation and completion.

Then Dr. Nahedh Mohamad Saleh, chairman of Copperchase Ltd, the company executing the project, has presented the project of Karbala International Airport, speaking about its specifications and the bodies participating in its implementation. Showing that the first phase of the project will have the capacity of (2-4) million visitors. And when we will witness the smooth flow of the aircrafts and the visitors, we will continue the expansion. As for the passengers' building, it will be built on an area of 130 thousand square meter, we will be built in the first phase 85 thousand square meters of it, indicating that the length of the runway will be 4.5 km, and it is a very big runway when compared to the international airports, in addition to the aircraft parking square, as there will be four aircrafts' parking in this phase out of 12. The control tower will be the tallest towers in the region and not only in Iraq, as it will be of 60 meters height, in addition to the fire sites and aircraft maintenance.

After the conclusion of the celebration, the delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has presented its congratulations to the holy shrine of Imam Al-Hussayn (peace be upon him) for this great project, praying for their success to rapidly accomplish it for the service of the city of the Master of the martyrs (peace be upon him) and its visitors.
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