Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital concludes an agreement with the board of the popular mobilization forces to treat their wounded.

The Director General of Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Dr. Haydar Al-Bahadli has announced a bilateral agreement with the medical attachment of the popular mobilization forces, aiming to examine and treat their injured fighters by the most skilled local and international doctors, in order to reduce the cost of expenses of travelling abroad for the treatment, in addition to providing them with other medical and therapeutic services.

Adding: "The agreement came with a direct support of the High Responsible of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Sayed Ahmad Al-Safi, as part of the general trend of the holy shrine aiming to support the security and popular mobilization forces, as they deserve more than this. The cost are reduced by half, in order to examine and treat as many as possible according to the agreement signed between the two parties, including receiving the urgent and critical cases to conduct the necessary medical treatment according to the coordination and the controls. Noting: "The treatment of the received cases by the hospital includes conducting the complex surgeries and giving the best treatments by the best doctors, in addition to distinctive resting rooms."

Explaining: "The medical board of the popular mobilization forces has chosen the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital is because of its success in providing high standard medical and therapeutic services that are rivalling their global peers, and also because of the good results of the cooperation as over the past year we have received more than 600 cases of the wounded of the popular mobilization forces."

It is to note that the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital has taken upon its responsibility since its inception to take into account humanitarian cases in their forefront the injuries of the popular mobilization forces, from which it has examined and treated many cases and many surgeries have been conducted for those who necessitated surgical interventions.
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