A delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine attends the opening ceremony of the pier No.3 in the Port of Abu Flus in Basrah.

The Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine was represented by a high-level delegation to attend the opening ceremony of the pier No.3 in the Port of Abu Flus located 20 km southern the Basra's city centre after the completion of its rehabilitation works. The ceremony was held by the company Umm Qasr for maritime services as one of the important projects within the private sector that support the general economy of the country. The participation of the holy shrine's delegation is part of the communicative program followed with all governmental departments and institutions.

The opening ceremony was attended by important religious, cultural and political figures, including the Transport Minister Mr. Kadhem Finjan Al-Hamami, who stated: "The investment project of Abu Flus port contributes in the economy and the movement of the Iraqi ports, and I personally tend to appreciate these investment projects from Iraqi funds." stressing on the importance of easing the difficulties in front of the investors in this aspect, especially that the maritime navigation has a great role in Shatt al-Arab. And then indicating that: "In the past it was not possible to import via Shatt al-Arab, but today ships carrying agricultural and other products and cargo enter the port, and yesterday we have made a call yesterday to enable the entry of ships carrying scrap and recyclable materials via ports as well as transporting food via Abu Flus port."

For its part, the delegation of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine has congratulated those in charge of the great economic project that contributes in providing the best commercial services to Iraq, wishing them continuous success.

It is to note that the pier is a joint operational acts that will be used for containers, with a length of 250 meters with a waterfront of 176 meters on the banks of Shatt al-Arab with a width of 18 meters. The rehabilitation works have included replacing the iron pier to concrete one, constructing an administrative building and replacing the shock protectors and installing fences, gates and rainwater networks, as well as the establishment of the electronic management system and improving the depth of the interface sidewalk by adding five meters.
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