The Relief Committee of the Office of His Eminence Sayed Al-Sistani send aids to Albu Hayat village, and its people thanks and prays for His Eminence.

Neither the long distances nor the bad weather and the security risks could stand as impediment to the Relief Committee of the Office of the supreme religious authority; His Eminence Sayed Al-Sistani in order to provide the aid to whoever needs it within the possible means, and Albu Hayat village located near Al-Waleed border port in Anbar province is one of the proofs, as the people of this village has sent a distress call to the office of the supreme religious authority through the security forces scattered there, and after listening to their sufferings and to what they need, the committee members headed as usual to this village.

The head of the commission; Sayed Shahid Musawi has explained: " The relief committee of the Office of the supreme religious authority has headed to Albu Hayat village in Anbar province and its surrounding villages near Al-Waleed border port, for the relief of about 250 families mostly pastoralists in these villages, which distress call has reached the office of His Eminence via the security and popular mobilization forces located in that region."

He added: "The aid convoy has arrived on the second day of the journey because of the long distance, about 800 km from the province of Najaf. The committee members were received by these villages' people who have expressed their thanks and gratitude to His Eminence for his paternalist care for all Iraqis, despite the distance and road danger, as the committee could not move only after that the security and popular mobilization forces has removed two explosive devices planted by ISIL gangs in the previous night on the road, and straightaway after the return of the committee, the village was targeted at the evening with mortars."

Sayed Musawi has stated about the aid's nature: "The committee has distributed 500 double food baskets and two blankets for each family, in addition to children's clothing for each family depending on the plan drawn by the committee."

And after the distribution, the people have expressed their thanks and gratitude for this parental gesture by the supreme religious authority, and asked the committee members to convey their regards, prayers and greetings to His Eminence.
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