The team of "Doctors without wages" visits the capital, Baghdad, and the Director of the Al-Kafeel Hospital confirms: Our project continues and we will reach most of the medically impoverished areas.

The General Director of the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine; Dr. Haydar Al-Bahadli has stressed that the project of "Doctors without wages" for the treatment of the residents of remote areas and villages in the provinces of Iraq, by diagnosing their health cases and giving them the appropriate treatment for free, continues and we will work to expand it by adding more medical and nursing staffs as well as more treatments that will include the people of poor and disadvantages areas in other provinces, according to the temporal and spatial plan development by the management of the hospital to provide them with the medical and therapeutic assistance.

This statement came after the last visit made by the team of "Doctors without wages" to the area of Rashad east of the capital Baghdad, where about 1100 patients were diagnosed and treated, and that the medical services provided free of charge were eye test and diagnosing its diseases in addition to the examination of children and giving them free treatment, as well as the examination of elder suffering of diseases of internal medicine and providing each case with the necessary treatment in addition to being accompanied by a nursing team to take care of the patients' wounds and diabetic foot using Dermacyn.

The patients from this region have expressed their thanks and gratitude to the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for this humanitarian initiative, which was needed by these people, as it spared them the trouble of going to health clinics that are often lacking of such services with such level.
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