The Secretary-General of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has done a field tour on some of its projects and urged those in charge to exert more efforts.

The Secretary-General of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine; Engineer Mohamad Al-Ashiqar has done a field tour on some of the holy shrine's projects and has met with those in charge to hear a detailed explanation about the provided services in the completed projects, and for the ongoing projects, he was briefed about the stages of works and the main obstacles that hinder their progress to work on overcoming them.

He conducted this visit within the series of tours on the facilities of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, and this time he has visited the Dentistry clinic located in the Umm al-Baneen service complex of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine on the road (Najaf - Karbala), and he heard to an explanation of those in charge of the services that are provided by this project and the kind of support it needs.

The second visit was to the project of Medicine College of al-'Ameed University, which opening is scheduled in the future. Mr. al-Ashiqar as briefed about the latest work stages, and the head of the engineering maintenance Department - the executing body of the project- Engineer Abbas Musa Ahmad has given a detail explanation on the progress of the works and mechanisms in place for the construction of this edifice in line with the number of students and the nature of their studies. Mr. al-Ashiqar has expressed his technical remarks that were the focus of attention by the implementing agency, expressing at the same time his admiration of the modern methods and techniques used in the establishment of such projects, which will be the flagship of the other future projects.

The Secretary-General has headed to another progress that is in progress, accompanied by a delegation including members of the holy shrine's management Board and its administrators. The project was the workshops complex (Second group), located on the road (Karbala - Ibrahimiyah), and implemented on an area of 85.750 square meters divided between three large stores, the area of each is 250 square meters, in addition to a workshop in two floors of 300 square meters each. The executing company -The global lewa' General Trading Company - has given a detailed explanation about the conduct of works in this vital project and about the mechanisms used in its implementation and the completion rates, as well as other technical and engineering details.

Mr. Ashiqar headed after that to the carpets store of the Al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine, which is located in the Saqqa' complex 1, and there he has met those in charge and listened to the debriefing of the mechanisms used in storing, maintaining and sustaining the carpets, as well as their storing method.

His last stop was at the Al-Kafeel factory for the production of mineral water, one of the investment projects of the holy shrine. He had a tour in it and was briefed about its productivity lines, the product, its quality and the used mechanism in the water filtering and purification. He has also visited the ice factory of the holy shrine to be informed about its preparations for the coming summer season.

The Secretary-General has urged the workers in all these projects to exert more effort and perseverance in the service of the holy shrine and its visitors.
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