Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad has shot down a controlled aircraft of ISIL gangs and confronted two car bombs

Within the liberation operations of the right side of the city of Mosul, the forces of the Al-Abbas's (p) fighting squad managed to shoot down a radio controlled aircraft in Gaysom that was designed to take aerial photos of the troops stationed there, but its attempt has failed.

And the Iraqi army aviation troops have managed in collaboration of the squad forces scattered in the right coast to target one of the dens of the terrorist ISIL gangs located in one of the schools opposite the Sahaji village in the right side of Mosul, and which was used for targeting the liberating forces. This operation resulted the killing of 17 ISIL members who were holed up there.

In a related context, ISIL gangs have cowardly tried to target the squad forces by the use of two car bombs, but the heroes of the squad were on alert and exploded the two cars and those in them outside the village of Sahaji.

On the other hand, the engineering team of the squad was able to dismantle one of the car bombs left by the terrorist ISIL gangs in Tal Gaysom and explode another one.
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