After months of its functioning stop, Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital ensures the maintenance of the cardiac catheterization device in al-Hussayn Teaching Hospital.

The technical staffs of the Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the Al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine along with a specialist team from the Dutch Company Philips, have started the maintenance and operation of the cardiac catheterization device in al-Hussayn Teaching Hospital, after that it stopped functioning many months amid the indifference of the Iraqi Ministry of Health that did not take any action, resulting the pain caused to the heart patients in this hospital.

In support to the government institutions and with a fraternal stance stemming from the deep sense of responsibility and humanity towards the Karbala citizens, Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital has to bear the expenses of the repair and maintenance of this device that are of 30.683.000 Iraqi dinars.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital Director; Dr. al-Bahadli has explained: "The cardiac catheter device is one of the important and vital devices in every hospital, and if it is damaged or stopped functioning the patients will be harmed. So, on the basis of the principle of cooperation a team from Philips Company was sent under the engineering supervision of the Maintenance Division of the Hospital to repair the damaged catheter device in the al-Hussayn Teaching Hospital to make it work again."

Noting: "The lack of the government financial allocations and following the policy of austerity in humanitarian and medical matters, is the reason behind the delay of maintenance of this device, which is directly linked to the lives of patients with heart diseases."
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