Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad implements its control over Badush, captivates more than a hundred members of ISIL and rescues 20 thousand displaced people.

The fighters of the Al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad and the forces of the ninth Armored Division of the Iraqi army has engulfed its control over Badush, after pouring their anger fire on the terrorist ISIL gangs, and gave them a hard lesson, as after having tightened the noose on them and all their supply routes were cut, the forces have rained them with fire and concentrated and intense strikes to cause them losses in lives and equipment, killing large numbers of them and captivating more than a hundred members of ISIL who were handed over to the High Command.

The squad fighters was not limited only to this, but they have also traced those who fled and those who hid among the displaced families, killing some and captivating the rest.

And according to a statement issued by the Operations Command "We are coming, Nineveh", the forces continue clearing the liberated villages and areas from the explosives and progressing towards Badush cement plant. The forces managed to free all villages around the plant, controlling the hills overlooking the plant and penetrating into the Badush area to clear some of the buildings and progressing towards Tal al-Rays. They also managed to liberate Jumasa and Hmeydat villages and took the control over the West Bank of the Tigris River and continues its progress. In this operation they have killed a number of the terrorists, destroyed 4 car bombs, 3 mortar detachments, as well as two cars carrying terrorists and two PKC weapon detachments.

On the humanitarian level, there was also a great effort to secure safe passages to the displaced families, and the Squad in cooperation with the ninth Division of the Iraqi Army was able to rescue about 20 thousand displaced people during the previous three days, as coming from Badush area and its neighboring villages, they were received in al-Kafeel Center for the relief of the displaced people, which was opened on the right side, and which was outfitted with medical supplies and food in addition to transportation that take the displaced to safe places.
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