With the approach of its opening: The glass tents of the roofing project of the holy shrine of Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him): Their meanings and specifications.

To give a distinctive philosophy to the design of the project that is commensurate with the shrine's owner; Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), taking into account the following points in the design of the glass tents that have a spiritual significance as each of them represents the tents of the children whose protector and guardian was Aba al-Fadl al-Abbas (peace be upon him), and it also represents his age (peace be upon him).

The new ceiling of the holy sanctuary has a transparent viewing space by 40% of its total area, and keeping this space open when needed by electrically moving the tents by its control device, and when it is closed, it forms a lighting system for the new expansion of the sanctuary (Sky Light) by saving the electricity consumption during the day and replacing it by the natural sunlight, in order to maintain the same architectural design of the old sanctuary even after covering it.

And they are characterized by the following:

A- The number of the glass tents is of 34 tents.

B- The weight of the glass tents with the glass is 3.5 tons.

C- The used glass for each tents is the following dimensions 6 x 6 m and height of 1.5 meters.

D- The glass is of three layers of a thickness of 3.8 cm with an insulation factor of 0,24.

E- The tents' glass is divided to five layers interspersed with a gelatine padding to prevent any crash and breaking, in addition to insulation air layers.

F- A layer of nanotechnology material to cover the outer surface of the glass, to prevent the impact of the sand particles on its surface in sandstorms, with a similar color to sky color to reduce the glare of sun's rays and to highlight the beauty of the glass colors in the face of the sun's rays, especially with their reflection on the walls and floors of the holy shrine, and also to increasing the lighting to the space and adding an aesthetic touches to it.

G- The glass pieces are easy to install, lightweight, resistant to breakage and to the weather conditions, super-flexible and treated against the ultra-violet rays.

H- The glass is of high durability, high thermal stretch coefficient and high sound and heat insulation.

The manufacturer company of the type of glass is PMB Malaysian Company for Glass, one of the staid companies that have a long experience in the glass works and glass tents, and has executed several similar projects in different countries of the world.

After the completion of the tents structures installation along with their glass and their electrical motors, water sprinklers are installed to wash and clean the glass tents periodically as needed, and they are fitted with water pumper that pushes automatically the water through it as needed, the water is pumped from four pumps that were put in the corners of the surface of the roof. Each of them operates using a power of 75 Ampere to pump vigorously water through the sprinklers installed on the base of the glass tent, then the water is drained through surrounding pipes to be discharged to the outside. These drainage pipes are not only for the washing water but also for rain water.
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