The first exhibition of Inventions is displaying many inventions' patents that show the innovations and creativity ability of the Iraqi mind.

After the announcement of receiving the participations to the first inventions' conference and exhibition, it was launched on Wednesday the 5th of April 2017 under the patronage of the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine and in cooperation with the Iraqi Inventors Forum. And despite the short reparatory period and the distance between the exhibition and the city center and the holy shrine, but it witnessed the participation of 570 inventions' patents from which 108 invention patents were chosen according to the technical standards put by the Supervisory committee.

108 invention patents represent the result of important inventions in important fields and that can be applied on the ground to promote the following sectors: Medical, Engineering, Scientific, Agricultural and Military.

As the message of the exhibition, which is hoped to be hold in the future, is that the Iraqi mind is capable of innovation and creativity despite all the circumstances and challenges that will not stand as barrier to what it creates.

And he who is walking in the exhibition's pavilions stands in tribute and appreciation of these inventions and the minds that have thought and produced these outputs. And it was indeed a fertile environment for every investor, whether from the governmental or private sector to apply these ideas on the ground with innovative and new services that represent unconventional idea with methods that keep pace with the global development.

It was taken into consideration in the axes of the exhibition the most important needs of the country in light of these circumstances, which cast a shadow over the Iraqi society, especially in the security, medical and agricultural fields, which are directly related to the lives of Iraqi citizens. And what is exhibited can find solutions to many of the problems in condition that these ideas shall be adopted and applied on the ground.

Al-Kafeel Network had a tour in the exhibition and took some of the pictures of these inventions and innovations.
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