The Karbala International Book Fair is a reminder of the massacre of the era "Speicher"

The thirteenth edition of the Karbala International Book Fair held currently between the two holy shrines, is including a poetry collection of the Iraqi poet Masar Riyad entitled "1700", as a reminder of the massacre of the era "Speicher massacre camp" by the terrorist gangs against a large group of Iraqi youth, to be the first literary publication documenting this crime and restoring the memory of those who forget or have closed their eyes on this crime, which is denied by all the honorable in the world.

The al-Kafeel Network has met with the poet Masar Riyad who has stated: "In fact, this is not the first time I visit the Karbala International Book Fair, but this is the first time I come to sign a book of my poetry collections "1700", which carried this number as title to remind the 1700 Speicher's martyrs. The crime that, unfortunately, has been silenced and overlooked by the international media in a shameful way."

And he added: ""1700" is the first literary work documenting this painful incident, but is not limited to Speicher alone, but it is the icon and the main criterion for the book, but there are beyond "1700" many forgotten and marginalized victims outside of the literary, cultural and media attention. And this work is nothing face to the blood of martyrs and victims and the tears of widows and orphans. I have chosen the Karbala International Book Fair to be the first place where I sign my book, because it is the best place to celebrate martyrs near the shrine of the Master of martyrs (peace be upon him)."

And about the book, he added: "The book is divided into two parts, the first part contains seven poetry texts and the second part is a poem entitled "1700", which is a long poem of 100 pages, containing concerns and ideas of the martyrs before, during and after the massacre."

In conclusion, the poet Masar Riyad has presented his thanks and appreciation to the management of the Fair for giving him the opportunity and the honor to sign this publication in this blessed and holy land of Karbala and in this blessed month of Sha'ban.
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