Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital celebrates the international day of family doctor.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has celebrated the International Day of Family Physician, by hosting a scientific symposium organized by the Association of Family Physicians in Iraq, which highlighted the role and contribution of family doctors in the health care systems, focusing on the disease of depression, its causes and methods of diagnosis and treatment.

The symposium, which was hosted in the central hall of the hospital, was attended by a number of specialist doctors, university professors and the staff of health institutions inside and outside the holy city of Karbala, in addition to the member of the Health Committee parliamentary Dr. Saleh al-Hasnawi.

The Head of the Iraqi Family Physicians Association Dr. Lujayn al-Khazraji, has stated: "Our scientific symposium is held on the occasion of the International Day for the family doctor and is devoted to the discussion of depression. Professors and specialist doctors have highlighted in their lectures the causes of depression and methods of diagnosis and treatment, as this disease symptoms began spreading in Iraq, and the proportion of those who have symptoms of depression in Iraq is not a few. A research we have conducted on some models at a health center in Baghdad, has shown that seventy percent of them have symptoms of depression, which must be diagnosed, and that the Iraqis have the strength to withstand the difficulties and problems which the country has witnessed over the past years and decades. "

And she concluded: "We thank the al-Kafeel specialist Hospital for hosting this symposium, which we hope has achieved its goals that will be reflected positively on the ground, in the hope that other seminars and workshops will be held to discuss other diseases related to family medicine."
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