Al-'Ameed Schools Group is at the forefront and one of its students is one of the best students in the province of Karbala.

The diligent and dedicated work at the al-'Ameed Educational Group affiliated to the Department of Education and Higher Education at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine, made it achieve a success rate of 100%, to be at the top schools of the province for the current academic year 2016/2017 within the primary stages, which were announced today. This good result is the fruit of the effective plans and policies developed by the Department and the efforts of its educational staff.

The al-'Ameed primary schools for Boys and Girls have achieved a success rate of 100%, while the primary school of Sayed al-Ma' for boys has achieved a success rate of 93%. The student Mina Haydar Nouri 'Abboud from al-'Ameed primary school for girls received the first rank in Karbala province after having a 100% grade. And 51 students of al-'Ameed girls school and 35 students of al-'Ameed boys school have had grades over 90%.

It is noteworthy that the schools of al-'Ameed Educational Group have achieved the higher results of the schools of the schools in the province of Karbala, thanks to its educational staff and advanced educational infrastructure.
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