Maysan province is one of the stations of the team "Doctors Without Wages ", and the hospital management confirms that the provided services have contributed to ease the burden of patients.

As part of the series of tours conducted by the team "Doctors Without Wages ", which was adopted by the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has arrived recently to the district of al-Majar in the province of Maysan, in order to provide medical services and treatment for the residents of this district free of charge, and referring the cases requiring surgical interventions or tests to the hospital for the necessary action in coordination with the independent humanitarian association of the care of the miserable in the province of Maysan.

Dr. Haidar Al-Bahadli, Director of the hospital, said: "The Doctors Without Wages project is continuing to provide its services. As it is one of the projects that the hospital has given great interest under the direction of the Holy Shrine as it contributes to relieving the patients' burden and providing free medical services to those who cannot go to public hospitals, because of the absence or lack of medical or therapeutic treatments or facilities. The project has achieved great success and interaction of its beneficiaries and its followers."

He added: "In this visit, the team consists of doctors from inside and outside Iraq who are specialists in internal diseases, paediatrics, gynaecology, dermatology, fractures and ophthalmology. The team was able to provide services to a thousand citizens, and this is one of the stages of this province, and the remaining areas will succeed, and the visit will expand to include poor and disadvantaged areas in the other provinces in the coming days, in accordance with a time and spatial plan prepared by the management of the al-Kafeel specialist hospital which it intends to circulate to other governorates and with larger services."

Mr. al-Bahadli has indicated: "This is the tenth tour of this team since it was formed, and this time it came in coordination with the independent humanitarian association care of the miserable in the province of Maysan, and in cooperation with the al-Majar District and the al-Majar Hospital in the province."

The patients from this region have expressed their thanks and gratitude to the al-Abbas's (p) holy shrine for this humanitarian initiative, because they were in dire need of such initiative, and alleviated their burden when they have to travel to health clinics, which often lack such services at this level.
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