The al-Abbas's (p) Fighting Squad announces that is has manufactured a rocket launcher that competes with the imported ones and it is a new pride for the Iraqi military industry.

As part of its preparation for the battle of Tal Afar and to support the local war product, the Fighting Squad of al-Abbas (peace be upon him) has announced that the technical staff in the Basra factories have produced a rocket launcher called (Thunder [Ra'd] / 1), which has high quality combat to be added to the series of its defensive and offensive systems. As this system is considered - after field trials have proved its success - the best locally manufactured weapons competing the imported weapons systems.

The rockets' launchers have a 240 mm engine, unlike those found in the popular mobilization fractions that use Russian 122 mm rocket engines. This is a major achievement that happens in the first time in Iraq, and they were provided by a massive warhead of 250 kg, but the extent of these missiles is still a secret until this moment. The launcher is fixed on an international armored truck to protect the crew from the artillery and mortar fragments, which is considered heavy trucks that have proved to be effective and efficient, and very suitable for carrying the eight-ton rocket with a heavy thrust force of 2 tons taking about eight seconds to launch all eight missiles.
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