Relief Committee of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority continues to provide assistance to the displaced

The Relief Committee of the Office of the Supreme Religious Authority; Sayed al-Sistani continues to provide the necessary assistance to the displaced according to the temporary and spatial plan set for its work despite the hot weather conditions and the fasting of the committee members in addition to the dangers facing them. But these circumstances were encouraging factors to provide more efforts to contribute to alleviate the burden of these families fleeing from the oppression of the terrorist ISIL gangs. This initiative comes within the framework of the relief effort carried out by the Committee in providing humanitarian aids to support the displaced people and alleviate their suffering.

The displaced of Hawija, whose people are waiting for its liberation in the coming days, was one of the stations of the committee, at a time when these families live in very harsh humanitarian conditions in places that are lacking the most basic elements of decent life. Humanitarian assistance was distributed to the displaced families of Hawija and its outskirts up to the village of Shahama in the outskirts of the city of Tikrit, as well as the delivery of some assistance to the displaced families who inhabited some abandoned buildings, mostly widows and orphans.

The displaced families, in turn, and as a result of the sincere brotherly feelings they sensed, expressed their thanks to the supreme religious authority for this humanitarian action. On the other hand, they conveyed their greetings to his Eminence Sayed al-Sistani the supreme religious authority.

It is noteworthy that the supreme religious authority has appealed to the citizens in Friday sermons to provide as much relief they can to the displaced, stating: "given the increasing numbers of the displaced from the battles zones and the inadequate necessary resources for them we appeal to the honorable citizens in various provinces to contribute as much as possible to provide them with the necessary needs and to lighten their sufferings, as it is one of the best acts of worship and as it is required by the cohesion and solidarity duty among the people of one homeland in crisis times."
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