Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital restored the sight of a fighter who lost in the battles to liberate Mosul after the apology of a global hospital.

Al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital of the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine is still doing its best to re-draw the joy of the members of the security forces or the popular mobilization who were injured in the liberation battles of the occupied Iraqi lands, and has harnessed all its efforts for this purpose under the direct guidance of the General Secretariat of the holy shrine, and the following case is one of dozens of serious cases that the staff of the hospital were able to save their lives or treat.

The injured Kadhem Faisal, who underwent a surgery, is one of the fighters of the popular mobilization, was seriously injured in his shrapnel that affected his optic nerve, resulting his sight lost. He has made several correspondence with international hospitals that apologized for conducting the surgery, and after he visited al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital, the staff specialized in this field have rushed to save him and restore his sight, and upon the completion of the necessary tests, a precise surgical operation was performed to his eye and the specialist neurologist at the hospital; the surgeon Dr. Khaled al-Siraj has removed this shrapnel.

According to Dr. al-Siraj, the surgery was very serious because of the presence of a shrapnel in the area of the optic nerve, which may cause complete loss of sight of the injured, but the surgery was successful thanks to the hospital advanced equipment and devices as well as the medical and therapeutic expertise.

The injured and his family have expressed their deep thanks and gratitude to the al-Kafeel Specialist Hospital and its staff for their great efforts and services that exceeded the expectations.

For inquiries and to see the services provided by the hospital, please visit the official hospital website ( or call the following numbers: (07602344444) or (07602329999).
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