Launching the third edition of the national project of the Amir of readers.

The Center for training readers and Hafiz at the Holy Quran Institute of the Department of Islamic and Human Knowledge Affairs at the al-Abbas's (p) Holy Shrine has launched the third edition of the national project of Amir of readers for the care and training of the young readers from inside and outside Karbala province after they have been accepted as they comply with the conditions established by the Committee overseeing this project.

The Quranic project is one of many Quranic projects adopted by the Holy Quran Institute, as it aims at creating a distinctive Quranic generation that undertakes to complete the Quranic process with steady steps to prepare young talents in the recitation [Tilawah] in a modern study system within a short and ideal period. This project is for the students of primary and middle schools from various Iraqi provinces, and aims to take advantage of the summer vacation to prepare a large group of young readers so they can achieve a good level of recitation in a quality period of two months as a first stage of this project.

The Quranic instructors have started their tasks according to each Quranic circle, as each one follows a specific school, which are:

1- School of the reader Hafiz Khalil Isma'il/ Instructor: Sayed Haidar Gelokhan.

2- School of reader Mohamad Siddiq al-Minshawi/ Instructor: Mohamad Reda Salman.

3- School of reader Abd al-Basit Abd al-Samad / Instructor: Ali Ahmad.

4- School of reader al-Shahhat Mohamad Anwar/ Instructors: Wissam abd al-Sadah and Laith Raheem.

5- The second phase of the project/ Instructors: Faisal Matar and Ahmad al-Badri.

The director of the Center for training readers and Hafiz at the Holy Quran Institute; Sayed Hasanein al-Hilo has stated in a previous statement on the impact of knowledge of the life of great readers on the psyche and status of the reader and improvement of his level, saying: "One of the most important commandments of the reciter and senior scholars in this art is the beginning of the reader by the imitation on right assets. And the beginner reader has to make the right choice considering the reader he wants to imitate, which requires advice and guidance from the professors with competence, and this will be achieved by the national project of Amir of readers for each participant, God willing."
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